Freebie Friday – Gearing up for the Holidays!

Growing up, we always had an advent calendar every December 1st – my parents would buy one of those cardboard versions where you open a little door every day & get a piece of chocolate until Christmas day.  Well Emily Ivey has put together a cute idea for a knitted version – Smitten!

This is such a fun idea – you can make 25 little mittens & hide candy or little toys in them – it’ll be like Christmas morning every day! 

Since they are made with Swish, the color selection is endless.  Or you can adjust the sizes for bigger or smaller mittens by using different yarn weights and needle sizes (In fact, I made a tiny one in Glimmer!) They knit up so quickly (the one I made only took a little over an hour), you can easily have 25 by December 1st

And they are such a cute winter holiday decoration for those who do not celebrate Christmas.  Just leave off the numbers & you can decorate your house in winter style! 

Here’s where to find the pattern:


And the rest of Emily Ivey’s IDP patterns are right here (we love the Birds!)

Emily Ivey

Have a great crafty weekend!