Oh my Biggo!

We’re going a little Biggo crazy here – if you get our emails (you should!), you’ll know that for this week, every order over $5 gets you a free hank of squishy, delectable Biggo yarn!

But what can you do with just one hank, you ask? Well, at 110 yards per 100 gram hank, it doesn’t seem like much – but with Biggo, a little goes a long way. For instance, it’s plenty enough for some fatty mittens, a fluffy earflap hat, or this double seed stitch scarf I’m making for my niece!

Her favorite color (this month) is green, so she’s getting a soft Green Tea Heather scarf from her auntie. She’s growing so fast her mom requested a new hat, slippers, socks and a scarf – the hat and slippers will be sewn with lime green fleece, and the Biggo is a perfect match. As for the socks… well, I haven’t figured that one out yet, but I’m thinking maybe Stroll Tonal in Springtime.

If you want to make your own one-ball project with Biggo, or just get one ball free with the other Biggo you’re ordering, enter the code ‘TRYBIGGO’ at checkout! Once you try this yarn, you’ll be hooked.