First sweater recommendations?

I FINISHED something! Yippeeee!

My monster laptop bag is finally done. I especially like the teeth. I’m still looking for the perfect pair of monster eye buttons, but other than that, it’s finished. I think maybe I’ll name it Norman.

Now that I’ve completed Norman, I’ve cast on a pair of Comfy ribbed fingerless gloves.

For a pattern titled “Easy Wristwarmers”, these have been a bit challenging. This is my very first time a.) knitting ribbing, b.) knitting two at a time, c.) knitting Magic Loop (except for pulling out the cable a bit when my hats got small at the top, but this is a whole different ball game). It’s really been a group effort. Kerin taught me the magic trick behind Magic Loop. Christy showed me the cast on and coached me through knitting two at a time. Melissa taught me how to read my stitches so that my ribbing would stop wandering all over the place and stay in nice, straight, little rows. And Katie and Marci provided moral support when I had to frog my third attempt (or fourth? Whose counting?).

RIP attempt 3.
But now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I don’t think these will take too much longer to finish up. Knock on wood.

Which brings me to the big question. Every season I make a list of things I want to do like pick pumpkins, drink apple cider, and this fall, knit a sweater. I feel like I’m ready now that I’ve mastered ribbing on the wristwarmers and rows and rows and rows (and rows!) of stockinette and button holes knitting the laptop bag. So what pattern should I use? Any recommendations for a cute, easy sweater I can knit mostly in the round? What was your first sweater? <