Fifty Percent!

I’ve been working on my hubby’s sweater now for a little over a month, and I’ve just passed 50% completion!

Both sleeves are finished, and the body is currently 8.5″ long – just over a third done. For me, this is where the hard part begins – the monotony of the next 23″! Luckily I’ve only got a foot left until I break for the armscyes… yipes. My attention span on a project is usually two weeks or so, so looking headlong into another month of knitting this one project is daunting, to say the least. To keep my mind busy, I’ve started timing my rounds. It takes about 10 minutes for non-patterned rounds and up to half an hour for patterned rounds. So, with about 75 rounds to the armscyes, that’s 25 hours and ten minutes max. I could totally do that in a weekend, right? If that was the case, I’d be done by now!

One thing that’s slowing me down is that I did decide to keep the multiple cross braids in there. They really do look nice, despite all the things I mutter under my breath as I’m juggling two cable needles.

And of course I’m loving working with Wool of the Andes Tweed. It’s just so soft and cozy, I can’t help but pet it. (I bet that slows my progress, too!) Not to mention it gets so many compliments! But with my attention strained as it is, my mind is wandering to new and lovely things. Like all of the new colors of Chroma! I just can’t get enough of them – and you don’t have to do anything to get a Chroma project to look awesome – it does that for you. Just stockinette is amazing in Chroma. Oh, how I miss stockinette….

Even with all of the sweaters’ worth of stash I organized and set aside (at last count it was 15 sweaters’ worth just from my uncategorized stash), I want to use some Chroma maybe as a yoke pattern on an otherwise plain sweater. Chroma makes great faux-isle and looks really nice with Wool of the Andes or Palette, depending on which weight you’re looking at. See, this is how I get myself in enough trouble that I have 15+ sweaters’ worth of yarn that can’t fit in my yarn storage. I am my own worst yarn-enabling enemy!

But, these colorful daydreams do serve a purpose. I just have to focus on maybe grabbing some of the new Chroma as a reward for finishing hubby’s sweater. If that’s not a good motivator, I don’t know what is – and it’ll take me at least that long to figure out which is my favorite color, anyway!

Alright, on to the second half! Only 50,000 stitches, 3,960 feet of yarn, and approximately 50 hours to go…