Favorite Knit and Crochet Books

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As the Administrative Assistant here at Knit Picks, I get to see every book that comes into our office. It’s really fun to see whats new and exciting in the world of yarn – although I admit it’s also distracting… I get inspired and all I want to do is play with yarn instead of work! So before I head off to plan my next knitting project, here are a few of my favorite knit and crochet books to cross my desk recently.
Favorite Knit and Crochet Books: Modern Baby Book
I love Modern Baby Knits! It has 23 unique and stylish projects for babies and toddlers, and each one uses 3 skeins of yarn or less. The color palette is fresh and modern, and I love that the designs are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill baby items.
Favorite Knit and Crochet Books: Modern Baby Knits

Check out the adorable Fox Hat and Vest,  I think it’s my favorite project in the book! Someone in my circle of friends needs to have a baby so I can knit one of these projects!
Favorite Knit and Crochet Books: Zoomigurumi 5

Speaking of adorable, I’m told that once you get hooked on amigurumi, the Japanese art of making stuffed crochet characters, you’ll never look back. Zoomigurumi 5 is packed with 15 projects ranging from beginner to advanced crocheter.
Favorite Knit and Crochet Books: Zoomigurumi projects

I might just have to learn how to crochet so I can make this adorable Kaan the Crocodile

Favorite Knit and Crochet Books: Highlander Knits
The last book on today’s list is perhaps my favorite of the bunch, mostly because it’s full of the kind of projects I like to knit. The projects in Highland Knits are all inspired by Outlander, the romantic tale of time travel and adventure (and one of my guilty pleasures!).

Favorite Knit and Crochet Books: highlander knits

There are 16 simple, enduring designs, most of them knit in bulky-weight yarn so they’re quick to make. If you love the look of these designs, check out our Highland Knits Kit.
Favorite Knit and Crochet Books: highland knits kit
Whether you’re dressing for today or eighteenth-century Scotland, you’ll find lots to love in this kit, including: Highland Knits Book, Swirl Shawl Stick, Majestic Wood Cable Needles, 5 balls The Big Cozy yarn, 2 balls Wool of the Andes, and 3 balls Tuff Puff.

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