Fall Staff Projects

Knit Picks Fall Fibers

It’s been a bit since our last staff project post. Most of us have been up to our ears in traveling to shows, developing new exciting products, and in general just resisting the temptation to stay inside all day and make ALL the things. Regardless of how busy we are, you know we spend an inordinate amount of time with our pattern queue and massive yarn stash. Here’s a look at what has been coming off of our needles around the office this fall!


Kate’s Shifty Shawl

Knit Picks Staff Projects

Color Shifting Shawl in Hawthorne yarns – Lovejoy Multi, Kerns, Kettle Slate, and Sock Lab Specimen 1809.03

There’s nothing quite like a lovely shawl draped over ones’ shoulders to imbue an air of worldliness and overall fancy lady-ness. While I’m not quite ready to don elegant lacy shawls made with exquisite silky fibers (I don’t trust myself to not snag them on ev-er-y-thing), I AM ready to up my accessories game and sport a modern shawl or two around town.  The easy lace portion of this pattern was very beginner-friendly, and the staggered striping of changing colors kept me interested while I plugged away at this project every night.

Alexis’ Seed Stitch Frenzy

Knit Picks Staff Project

Seed Stitch Cowl knit in new Capra colors (held double) and Bare Shimmer Bulky

There’s a running joke around the office pertaining to our Merchandise Buyer, Alexis, having an “issue”. That issue being that she is producing massive quantities of the Seed Stitch Cowl like some sort of super-human knitting machine! Granted, 95% of the cowls she makes are gifts for her loved ones. We like to kid her that she should, just once, pile them all on at one time and let us take a picture. Fingers crossed she says yes.

Hillary’s First Colorwork Adventure

Knit Picks staff Projects

Arri Hat knit in Biggo from the Under 200 Collection.

I have been wanting to try my hand at colorwork, and the Arri Hat was the perfect project for me! Fashionable and something I will wear all winter, the Arri Hat is a great hat! And surprisingly, colorwork isn’t as scary as I thought!

Look for our next staff project post sometime around the holidays, when some of our resident expert knitters will share their most recent creations. Until then, happy knitting!



  1. Knitnsmitn / November 30, 2018

    Not one to comment on blogs, but must tell you, that picture at the top with the plants and skeins is absolutely beautiful. 1) May I have permission to put it on my computer desktop instead of the monthly ones you offer and 2) Please forward my compliments to the photographer. Excellent work.

    • Kate M / December 3, 2018

      Yes you may and thank you for the kind words!

  2. Jenny / November 30, 2018

    Your projects are lovely! It’s always fun to see what everyone at Knit Picks is working on.