Fall 2020 Staff Projects!

It’s been a minute since we shared staff projects, but today is the day! We’re knitters too! Let’s survey the Knit Picks staff and see what they’ve been knitting lately.

Regan’s Coffee Sweater

Regan models his coffee sweater, which is knitted in cream and brown yarn.

“I just finished this cardigan made from Twill. It’s half dyed with coffee and half left bare.” – Regan, Photographer

Read more about Regan’s adventures in yarn dyeing!

Gerda’s Projects: Shawl and Baby Blanket

A knitted shawl made in Chroma Twist worsted.

Gerda, our Amazon Manager, has TWO recent projects: a self-designed slip stitch shawl in Chroma Twist worsted weight…

A chevron baby blanket, knitted in bright colors of Swish Worsted.

…and a chevron baby blanket in Swish worsted.

Lee’s Making Some Socks!

Two feet wearing Rainbow-y knitted socks and several balls of Felici self-striping yarn.

Lee, KP Graphic Designer, said, “I’m close to the finish line on these chunky socks, using Felici held double!”

“They are made with two colorways held together, Punky and Carrot Cake, using Shannon Squire’s Winter Weekend Socks pattern as a guideline, but I’m making them taller. The two colors ended up going together SO WELL! The green/orange/purple of the rainbow line up with the green/orange/purple-pink-ish of the Carrot Cake, and then the yellow/blue/pink of the rainbow are marled with the light yellowish.”

Hillary’s Crop Top

Hillary wears a multicolored knitted crop top while her dog looks on (and is not amused)

Hillary, Catalog Director: “I just finished a Summer Secret Crop in Hawthorne. Complete with a judgy dog.”

Sarah’s Hawthorne + Aloft Hat

A child wears a fuzzy turquoise knitted hat

Sarah, Digital Content Creator: “I’ve been playing with some of our yarn. This is a hat with Hawthorne and Aloft held double, an improvised design with a long tail cast on, and some 2×2 ribbing. My model wouldn’t stand still but I like how it turned out. I now love Hawthorne.”

Now it’s YOUR turn! What have you been making? Let us know in the comments!