Exclusive Collections – Modern Sophisticate

This catalog was particularly exciting for me, as something we’ve been working on for quite awhile is finally available for all of you to see!  Several months ago, Alison and I were chatting about IDP and since our eBooks have been popular, we thought it would be great if we could work with some of our favorite designers to create a collection of new patterns, complete with the beautiful photography that Hannah, Heidi and our photography team has been coming up with.  Well, fast forward a few months (and a lot of work!) and our first 2 IDP exclusive collections are live – Twentieth Century Graphic by Ann Weaver (which I’ll discuss in my next blogpost) and Modern Sophisticate by Erica Jackofsky.

Erica has been one of my favorite designers since I started at Knit Picks – I love her designs (in fact, I’ve made several of them; many of them more than once).  But still, when I talked to her about doing an exclusive collection, I was still amazed with what she had come up with.

Modern Sophisticate is a gorgeous collection of 6 patterns, each a classic piece with fun details.  Including both garments and accessories, each pattern has a timeless simple silhouette with wonderful extra details that make Erica’s patterns so much fun to knit as well as to wear.

For instance, the Twyla Cardigan includes a lovely lace insert along the waist.

Isadora, a loose short sleeved top, is knit in Capretta at a larger gauge so it has a nice semi sheer fabric. And the small details, such as the split hem and curl in the boatneck, creates a lovely top to wear on a casual night out.

I loved the Graham scarf the moment I saw it & cast on as soon as I got my hot little hands on the pattern. It’s a long and skinny scarf, with a shell edging and a unique construction and a slit to feed the end through, so it won’t fall off! Shown here in Stroll Tonal Gypsy, I opted for Goldrush because it matched more of my fall & winter coats.

For more traditional lace shawl lovers, check out the Heike Shawl, a heavier weight shawl to keep you nice & toasty in the colder months.

For the photos, Hannah, Heidi & our photographers opted to shoot this around downtown Portland.  I love that the used some of my favorite places for the backdrop of Erica‘s patterns, like this one of the Yvonne Armwarmers, with Broadway Bridge in the background.

Finally, last but not least, the Hanya hat, featured on the cover. There are 2 different versions included in the pattern – a straight slouch and a “mushroom” slouch.

Modern Sophisticate can be purchased as an eBook or each pattern can be purchased separately.  And for those who prefer to hold a physical book, we’ll soon have this available as a printed book as well!

We hope you love these collections as much as we do – there will be more to come!