Ever wanted to bring the coast home with you?

Well, you’re in luck! Just grab the Coastal Creatures Kit!

This kit is a whimsical set of plush toys that are addictively fun to play with. A big, huggable Orca is the main event – after all, he’s a top predator here! And his friends the Ochre Star, Giant Green Anemone, and Red Rock Crab hang out in the tidepools along the pacific coast. And the coolest thing? The three small ones are hand puppets – you can amuse yourself and the kids and everyone in the post office line while you re-enact their epic battles for prime tidepool real estate!

This kit is a great gift for kids and adults alike, and anyone who is into marine biology, tidepooling, crabbing, whale watching, taking long walks on the beach.. you get the idea! But, get it while it lasts – it’s getting towards migration time, and these guys won’t hang out forever!