Episode 359 – Meet Isabel!

This week on the Knit Picks Podcast, we’re delighted to introduce Isabel Underwood, a new team member who handles social media for Knit Picks. Our hosts ask her the classic questions about her creative background, favorite yarns, and best and worst projects. Isabel also shares her favorite things about working in the Knit Picks office as well as giving insight into her approach to social media and her plans to expand our presence on different types of social media. 

Meet Isabel!

Plus, today is the day we launch two brand new yarns, new colors of old favorites, and a surprise return of a discontinued classic! Stacey and Lee also discuss the most recent pattern collection, Happy Hours: Knits for Out and About. 

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Time Stamps

00:05 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast

00:26 Our hosts discuss their current WIPs, sore hands, and some frustrating frogging.

07:51 Next up is an interview with Isabel, a new team member who handles our social media!

08:51 Isabel sits down with Lee and Stacey and shares how she got started with creative hobbies and work.

13:52 Isabel shares her best and worst projects, birthday sweater tradition, and the temptations of new patterns that come with this job.

19:55 As a member of our office DEI committee, Isabel explains how that influences how she approaches social media.

23:42 We can’t interview a new staff member without talking about favorite yarns!

29:42 Isabel gets inspiration from seeing everyone else’s projects in the office.

31:55 Our hosts finish off their interview with Isabel by discussing her plans for Knit Picks social media.

35:55 We’ve got oodles of new yarn and new yarn colors launching today. Learn more about them and our naming process.

44:20 We’ve also got a new garment pattern collection called Happy Hours!

48:20 Credits