Podcast Episode 320: Tried and True Knits

You may have noticed that we took a short break between episodes while we figured out how to record from home. We miss our tiny recording studio but we’re also so excited to be able to record new episodes for you to knit along to.  

Many of us are finding more time to do our favorite crafts during the day… it’s a time to rest and find comfort in our projects. Even though we’re spending more time crafting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of that time is spent in one go over  the course of a leisurely crafternoon! Instead, kiddos, pets, work or chores punctuate our days. Everyone on the Knit Picks team has found ways to make our precious knitting and crochet time productive and simple so that we can get right back to it when we’re ready and able. 

First, Lee and Erica give some tips and tricks for keeping track of where you are in your project! Using lifelines in lace or locking stitch markers can make it so much easier to come back to a project you’ve set down hours (or weeks!) before. 

Next, Stacey and Hannah share their favorite patterns that are easy to pick up and work on without having to rely on tons of notes or complicated stitches. Spoiler alert: garter stitch comes up more than once!

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FYI Knitting is not canceled! We may be spending more time apart  these days but we’re finding new, exciting ways to connect and share our love of craft with each other. Looking for a community of excited, dedicated crafters? Join our new Together We Knit Facebook group! With over 1,500 members there’s never ending inspiration to look forward to. 

Want to craft for charity? Knit Picks has teamed up with Warm Up America to knit or crochet blocks for blankets. Read more about Warm Up America on our blog. There’s never been a better way to spread love, try a new technique and bust your stash at the same time!

Have a question? Want to talk about something you’re working on? Make sure to call in, ask, and just say hi! Drop us a line at 360-334-4847 and record your message, we’ll be checking our voicemail often and might be using your messages in future podcast episodes. We really love hearing from you. You can also record a Voice Memo on your phone and send that audio file to podcast@knitpicks.com

In the meantime, as always… happy knitting….

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0:00 Welcome by Hannah
1:53 Lee and Erica check in and talk about tricks to help you stop and start projects
20:50 Knit Picks is here for you!
21:44 Hannah and Stacy talk about their favorite Go-to projects
32:22 Credits