Egads, I’ve done it!

I knit a finished, wearable piece of clothing that’s not a scarf!

I can’t believe it! I wish I wasn’t wearing black tights today so that you could see them better, but you get the idea.

Here’s how it happened. I’d been stalling on the second legwarmer, but I got a good 6 inches of knitting done on Tuesday evening when I went to listen to the Yarn Harlot speak at the World Forestry Center (BTW, if you missed it, she was as hilarious in person as she is on her blog). And then I got quite a bit done last night as I watched the final episode of Six Feet Under on DVD. And then this morning, when I went out to my car and realized I had left my headlights on (again) and my battery was completely dead (again), I thought of the Yarn Harlot and her story about how knitting could reduce trauma, and I reinvented the mini-crisis as an opportunity to knit while I waited for a friend to come bail me out and jump start my car. My car started fine, I was only an hour late to work, and I got my legwarmers done. Whew! What a great start to my day.

And thanks to the unseasonably cold and grey spring we’re having here in Vancouver, I’ll probably be able to wear my new legwarmers every day until at least July.

So now I have a new conundrum. What do I knit next?

I’m trying to decide between a sushi toilet paper roll cover (which will involve my first adventure in dyeing yarn since we don’t make a color that looks just like Nori), a second attempt at slippers using the twinkle toe pattern that Kristine recommended (but in Comfy this time), or this hat.

What do you guys think? <