A knitterly weekend

After a little episode with a smoking cookie sheet under the broiler, I decided that I need some new pot holders. And, I wanted them to match my kitchen, which would require dyeing the yarn. The Fire King jadite color is one of my all-time favorites; but I can’t wear that color, so I painted my kitchen that color instead. I was so excited to try out dyeing in my new, dedicated dye pot. I followed Melissa’s excellent advice from her hand-dyeing podcast to test the dye color with the corner of a paper towel to get an idea of how it might look on the yarn. This was my first time to intentionally dye a pale, not fully saturated color. I’m pretty pleased with the results, although the yarn is a little bluer than perfect.

Yarn: Bare Peruvian Wool Worsted Weight
Dyes: Jacquard Acid Dyes emerald and a sprinkling of sapphire blue
Pattern: Hot Out of the Oven

I also finished my lace shawl!!! The yarn came early last week, and I was so excited that I stayed up super late Friday night and finished it! Here’s a photo of the new yarn dye lot on top of the shawl. I think the color is so close that no one will notice the change in dye lots.

Pattern: Curved Shawl from Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: Alpaca Cloud Autumn Heather
Needles: Harmony Wood Size 3, 24″ circular and dpns

I’ll definitely post pictures when it’s blocked. <