Easy Lattice Shawl

My experience with my friend’s Prayer Shawl seems to have started a shawl knitting frenzy. It was such an easy and quick knit that I couldn’t resist using the same Lattice Pattern from The Prayer Shawl Companion to make the long-promised shawl for Xena’s breeder.

Lora’s work causes her to travel quite a lot. As a result, her wardrobe is all about black, white and grey. I had already gotten Suri Dream in Stone for her shawl but the balls had been sitting in my closet for months. I’m making very good progress thanks to college football! Would you believe that I’m already thinking of making a Lattice Shawl for myself? I want to try one of the hand-dyed colors of Suri Dream. Ummm, I love Bayou! <