Dressing for The Bunny

I have two daughters, ages 2 and 3, and they increasingly like dressing up. They like very typical things for girls – twirly skirts, soft colors, and sparkles. I don’t have time to make them lots of clothes, but for special occasions and holidays, I try to gift them some handmade things to wear. Easter is coming early this year, so I’ve been busy crafting their outfits. Want to see what they’ll be wearing to meet The Bunny?


For my younger daughter Lulu, I knitted a cardigan. The pattern is Springtime in Hollis (Ravelry link), made in Swish Worsted Yarn in the colorway Carnation. It was a great top-down pattern with a lovely slip stitch trellis pattern and a seed stitch border. I substituted the suggested i-cord belt with a grosgrain ribbon; it just seemed a bit lighter. With Swish being superwash, it’ll be super easy to get out the remainder of those chocolate eggs :). Under the sweater is an Oliver & S Bubble Dress, made from Nani Iro’s En Garden fabric. I’ve written about how much I love this pattern before. It’s quick and easy, and so comfy for the little ones, too.


For my older daughter Penny, I made this color change sweater in Chroma Fingering Yarn in colorways Natural and (now discontinued) Buttermint. The pattern is Drops b14-27 Jacket and Trousers (Ravelry link), knit on size 2 needles which took me a long, long time. The genius of this pattern, besides it being free ;), is its construction. It’s knit from side to side in garter stitch, which means that there’s very little thinking, so little seaming and so much satisfaction, especially watching the colors stripes shift through the neutrals. I’ll surely be making this pattern again, I think for some newborns coming soon. In a smaller size, with amazing colorways in Chroma Fingering Yarn (wouldn’t Manzanita  or Sugar Cookie be great?), this little jacket is sure to please.

Are you knitting or crocheting anything for Easter? Let us know what, in comments!


  1. ELIZABETH / April 1, 2016

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gjj / March 20, 2016

    Really Cute!

  3. Sarah / March 20, 2016

    Lovely! Lucky, lucky little ladies.