Dishcloth Remix: The Queen Jane Blanket

I suspect the reason I love making blankets so much is that they are basically grown up dishcloths. You get the ease of a dishcloth pattern (think: no shaping!) but the pizazz the size of a blanket affords.

This lovely lace pattern is the free Jazz Age dishcloth from our 52 Weeks of Dishcloths: A Kitchen Spectacular.

The Queen Jane BlanketI named it Queen Jane in honor of my little niece who was born just this week. Her adorable siblings held a coronation to install her as High Queen of the Home. Once the bitty Queen is big enough, she’ll claim this blanket as her rightful own!

Queen JaneOne of my favorite features of making a blanket is how the large number of repeats really allow the pattern to shine:

The Queen Jane BlanketTo ensure blanket was soft enough for Queen Jane’s royal skin, I used our super soft and washable Mighty Stitch yarn in Mint and White.

The Queen Jane BlanketI toyed with the idea of adding yellow tassels, but opted for a simpler look. They were fun to make, though, so it was not a waste of time 🙂

The Queen Jane Blanket

Yarn: Mighty Stitch 6 balls in Mint, 1.5 in White

Pattern: Jazz Age dishcloth


The border for patterns like this (with a variety of different stitches/spaces at the end of each row) can be tricky. For the first row, I just had to guess a bit as to where each next stitch would go. Because of this, each side has a slightly different stitch count. It fortunately didn’t effect the overall look, and any unevenness was easily fixed with blocking.

Row 1-2: single crochet, with 3 single crochet in each corner

Row 3: half double crochet, chain 1, half double crochet into second stitch from hook, chain 1. Repeat around entire edge.

Rows 4-7: single crochet

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  1. Tonja P / April 26, 2016

    For your blanket how many did you chain to start? What was the finished size?