Decision made!

A few weeks back, I talked about the difficulty in choosing a new sweater pattern to work on.  I see so many beautiful patterns, it’s hard to make up my mind!  But I finally decided to challenge myself and crochet my first sweater:

I went with the Fiji Cardi!  I enjoy crochet and this was one of the best sweaters I’ve seen – plus I have some lovely new Chroma to use.


I ended up going with Elfin – green is my favorite color & I really like how it’s turning out.


I finished the back up to the armholes in about a week – but this doesn’t include all the frogging I had to do!  I had to rip out the entire thing 4 times (once when I was up to 4 inches) for various reasons, all completely my fault.  Once when my gauge was way off, once when I misread the pattern, and twice when I had the pattern down but still messed up.  Sigh.  It’s all a learning experience, right?


Now I’m all on track.  I’m actually going on vacation this week so this is a perfect project to bring along to the Oregon Coast.  I’ll have lots of relaxing time watching the ocean and working on crafty projects. And maybe I’ll have a sweater at the end of it!