Creating Palette Yarn Value Packs

I happened to be out at our warehouse in Columbus, Ohio when the staff was busy creating the 150 Palette Value Pack. I had heard about the process, but had never seen it in action.

Palette Yarn Value Packs from

I write much of the software for the warehouse (to receive the boxes, move inventory around, keep track of it, and then send it on its way), so I was curious to see how they managed to create a 150-item kit accurately. It turns out that it is all one woman – PK. She retired from her regular job about 10 years ago, got bored sitting at home, and has been working at Crafts ever since.

PK checking her list

PK has developed a system to sort the yarn into boxes accurately. She is the only person allowed to create these kits. She works with the folks in the receiving department to pull 50 balls of each color. She stacks them, and double-checks to be sure she has all 150 colors.

Boxes of Yarn

Piles of Yarn

More Boxes of Yarn

She then lays out 50 boxes to hold the yarn kits, separated in chunks of 10, since each bag of yarn holds 10 balls. If she sorts the balls in batches of 10, she immediately knows if there is a problem. With only a maximum of 10 boxes to check if something goes wrong – like she has too many or too few balls at the end – it speeds up her time.

Laying out the Boxes

It takes about a day to collect all the needed colors and go through her list to make sure none were missed. And then another day to day and a half to sort the yarns into boxes.

PK Starts the Sort

Sorting Garnet

Full Boxes of yarn

Ta da! All done, and ready to ship out to a customer.

PK and Baby Ivy

Just as she was finishing up, our newest Crafts family member came by for a visit. Here PK is with Ivy, the new baby of Andre, the head of the receiving department, and his wife, Jenny, who also works in receiving.

If you ever order one of our Palette Value Packs, this is how the magic happened!



  1. Kendra / June 6, 2017

    Great job PK! What a wonderful system you have! We appreciate all your hard work and attention to detail!

  2. Anna / June 6, 2017

    She’s like Santa Claus!

  3. Bev / June 6, 2017

    What – the shipment doesn’t arrive in graduated color order like your ‘centerfold’!! Just kidding! It looks like you really enjoy your job and we grateful customers are very appreciative of your hard work and the care you take in getting the orders perfect.
    Well done, PK!!

  4. Debbie E Connett / June 6, 2017


  5. Jane in FL / June 6, 2017

    What a great idea to let us know all that goes into these shippings! Thank you PK, both in case you packaged anything for me in the past and for those orders in the future. With everything so high tech and mechanical now, it truly is nice to see there is a caring person at the other end of my order!

    Great story. (:

  6. Barbara Collins / June 5, 2017

    This is truly amazing. I had no idea the amount of work that went into this. Thank you so much for doing this!! Thank you PK.

  7. Andrea m Martinez / June 5, 2017

    Amazing, what a women. To think of all the people she makes very happy to receive there yarn box. Yeah!!!!!

  8. Barbara / June 5, 2017


  9. Valerie / June 5, 2017

    Hello peoples! PK my hooks ar put down for you! That is a lot of work. If you packed my box, thank you is an understatement of my gratitude. Oh Em Gee! The boo boo is screaming for me to just gobble him up, the rock star that he is!