Create Your Own Milestones and Memories Projects

Growing up, my beloved grandmother always knit or crocheted at least two afghans for her grandkids. One was given to us right after we were born (mine was a Raggedy Ann & Andy blanket), the other was given when we were 18 and was a series of squares, some plain, some with our favorite colors, some with pictures of things we loved (cats and books features heavily on mine – not much has changed). With that in mind, we have put together a collection with a similar theme – the Milestones and Memories collection!

Milestones & Memories Collection from

Included in this book are 47 charts you can mix and match in different projects to celebrate a special moment. These charts were created in house and by some of our favorite designers such as Emily Kintigh, Allison Griffith, and Heather Storta. Using a combination of intarsia and duplicate stitch, each chart knits up to a 10″ square and, by piecing them together, you can create a unique gift for someone you love. We put a few examples in the collection to show you but each project is designed to be personal to you.

Wedding Blanket idea from Milestones & Memories from

For instance, we think this would be perfect for a special wedding gift. Use our suggested layout of hearts, wedding rings, cake and champagne glasses or choose other charts that represent the happy couple. We’ve included some blank charts in the back so you could even create your own.

Baby Blanket idea from Milestones & Memoires from

Probably the most popular use for this collection is for celebrating a new birth – such as what my grandmother did for me and my cousins. These adorable squares can be done in any combination of color and are easy to to mix and match – rather than in a monochrome colorway like ours, you can choose unique brighter colors, as we show in the Baby Pillow.

Baby Pillow idea from Milestones & Memories from

Either way, this will make a thoughtful gift for new parents – and something that will be kept for a lifetime.

Speaking of pillows, if you want a quick project for yourself or for a fun gift for someone else, we’ve included ideas for cute pillows featuring our favorite hobbies! Cooking, sports, nature, yarn crafts, sewing – the possibilities are endless.  These 20″ pillows are perfect for a couch or bed – and they’re pretty comfy as floor cushions too.

Hobby pillow ideas from Milestones & Memories from

It’s so much fun, playing with these squares and figuring out what I would do for myself or for a gift. I love the pillows best of all – I’ve thought long & hard of exactly what my pillow would look like. So I love knitting, of course, and I still love cats. I think would add in my love of baseball and bike riding – and now I have a cute idea for a pillow!

We hope you enjoy this collection – we can’t wait to see some of the combos you come up with. What images would you choose for your own personal project?




  1. Caroline Collins / August 14, 2017

    I love these! I’m curious, what have you done with the back of the blanket? I’m sure there are a million ends which can be an eye sore.

    • admin / August 15, 2017

      Hi Caroline – they’re not that bad actually, as they are done in duplicate stitch or intarsia. One option is to sew a fabric backing, which would look very nice.

  2. Janine / August 10, 2017

    Love your ideas, colour choices but would love to see some dog patterns. I, myself, have knitted a sampler baby blanket but found it time consuming as the squares were smaller. Curious to know how you work out the inscription on the blankets etc.

  3. Shehla | The Blue Elephants / August 10, 2017

    How cute! This is a wonderful idea for something unique, but still quite easy to whip up.