Crafting for Kids: Needle Felted Hearts (with Tutorial)!


Would you like the kids in your child’s class to receive a super special treat this Valentine’s Day? Are you looking for a fun craft to do with your kids this Saturday? Do you want to incorporate some fiber fun into your Valentine’s Day, no matter what age you are? Here’s a cute and super simple craft that can be done with kids or for kids, or by kids of all ages:)! Since it involves needles, this felting project is suitable for the slightly older child, and supervision is essential. These needle felted hearts are easy to make, adorable to wear or give, and are sure to make your Valentine smile.

To make this project, you’ll need:

Optional Supplies:

Here we go!

Step 1: Place your cookie cutter on your felting mat.


Step 2: Fill the cookie cutter with roving, and start “punching” with your needle felting tool. Get a good rhythm going, and solidify the heart shape a bit.


Step 3: Take the cookie cutter off the mat and flip the heart, punching the back of your work. Return the cookie cutter to heart, and continue felting. Work both sides of the heart, punching inside of the cutter when necessary, adding roving when you feel the heart is too thin, and perfecting the heart on both sides when the shape is really coming together.


Step 4: Make the mouth: Working with the smaller needle felting tool (if desired), take a bit of roving of a different color and place it on your heart, working the mouth into a shape you like (an “O” mouth, a smile, or tiny lips – you choose!). Continue until the mouth is integrated into the face well.


Step 5: With your scissors, push a small hole through your heart. Attach a safety eye, securing it at the back of your heart. Repeat for the second eye.


Step 6: You’ve done it! Your heart will make people happy. Now make lots more. Give them to your friends just the way they are, or…


Hand sew a stitch marker to the back, and attach string (we like baker’s twine), for a necklace! Or….


Sew a pin back to your heart, punch holes in a card stamped with your Valentine’s name, and give your pin away to someone you love! Or…


Make a garland of hearts, and decorate a place you love.


Happy Needle Felting, Everyone! And Happy Valentine’s Day, from Knit Picks.