Crafting in Public: A Gorgeous Day in Sellwood

Did you craft in public this past Saturday? As we mentioned last week on the blog and on social media, we hosted a Knit Pick-nic for Craft in Public Day. The weather in Portland’s Sellwood Park could not have been more gorgeous – neither could the crafts!


The sun was shining and people arrived with blankets, chairs, stroller, babies, and dogs. We had swag bags filled with yarn and Knit Picks books to hand out to all who came.  It’s always fun to see which items go first, and who is interested in knitting, crochet, home collections, or garments.


Our graphic designer Emily led a public bike ride to the event! Seven or eight people arrived with a smile on their face and a project in their bag.


Here she is teaching one of the participants to knit! It was fun to see someone “fresh to the needles”. There were many people talking to him about Ravelry, too. He made notes of it all on his phone. We hope he keeps up his craft :)!


Everyone just seemed to relax and enjoy each other’s company. There was a lot of “what are you working on”, but I found that conversations often went beyond that to stories of family or friends, patterns loved and projects kept or given away. This is what I love most when knitters come together – our community is so varied, and so interesting!


It was also lovely to see such a varied range of ages attending the event, as well. Look at this adorable little guy holding his copy of “The Cotlin Collection”. A perfect baby book for mom and little one, right?


It was a fun and relaxed time that lingered on, as knitters, crocheters, and spinners continued to craft long after the event packed up.


We hope you enjoyed knitting in public this past Saturday, no matter where you are. If you missed it, any day is a good day to take your knitting to a coffee shop, on the bus or train, or to that waiting room you just can’t stand otherwise. This past weekend proved that you never know who you’ll meet, and you might just strike up friendships, like we did!