Craft in Public Week!

Craft in Public week starts on Saturday!


(Ok, so it’s officially called Knit In Public but we here at Knit Picks do all sorts of crafts out in public so we prefer our term.  We like to be all inclusive!)

It runs from June 14 though June 22nd – so lots of time to show off your crafty selves! To be honest, I’m always knitting or crocheting in public so it’s fun to have a week to celebrate it.

So where are your favorite spots to craft in public? There are several places I constantly have my needles or hooks in hand:

  • Movie theaters.  I fidget way too much to not have something in my hands (and I really don’t need to eat a ton of popcorn).  I keep it very simple – either plain socks (before or after the heel) or one of the million Sockhead hats I always have on the needles.  I still make errors in my projects once in awhile, but if I go slowly with smooth yarn, I’m usually fine.
  • Pubs.  Portland is known as Beervana and I love going to one of the several brewpubs near my house and just knitting on a patio while watching the world go by, especially with the extremely pleasant weather we’ve had recently.


(these are my socks, using the Kalajoki pattern in Hawthorne Belmont. Taken on the Cruz Room patio)

  •  Public Transit: I got a lot of practice doing this when I took public transit each day when I lived in MA but I still take the bus or the train when I can.  It is just so relaxing to plug in a new podcast episode (I’ve been really into Good Job Brain lately) and just let someone else worry about the traffic.
  • Baseball Games (or other sporting events).  This one can be tricky, especially when I’m really into the game but there’s downtime between innings, making it a good time to keep my hands busy. And if it’s a bad game, at least I can say I got a lot of rows done on my project!  I’ve already talked enough about my love of baseball & the Stitch & Pitch games here but I couldn’t leave it off my list.

So those are my plans for promoting crafting in public!  What do you plan on doing?

And stay tuned for more fun Craft in Public posts over the next week!



  1. CJ / June 18, 2014

    I belong to a knit/crochet group that meets at our local library. I suggested we all hop the train to Sacramento Satuday 6/14, knit on the ride, then join another group of knitters there. None of our group could go that day, but we’ll do it soon. Didn’t give up tho’–changed plans and one of my dear friends joined me at a high-visibility table at the mall where we knit throughout a 3hour lunch!

  2. Allison Jones / June 17, 2014

    I knit on the T (boston public transit), too! And the playground, children’s museum, museum of science while my son plays with his pals (many exhibits at the museum of science are way too cool to miss but there are plenty off opportunities anyway! Movies, yoga studio while i wait for class to start, Starbucks, my local coffee shop, any drs office or waiting room *anywhere* …

  3. Monica / June 16, 2014

    I work first aid at construction sites and I always have my needles with me as was the case this past weekend.

  4. Cara / June 13, 2014

    Today I’m getting married at Niagara Falls so tomorrow I will be gazing at the falls & knitting probably while my new husband is napping!

  5. kathy belgarde / June 13, 2014

    I always carry a project to work on no matter where I go. Socks are easy to carry they require no special pattern to try to remember.

  6. Shannon / June 12, 2014

    I knit a lot when I go to the movies as well as during my lunch breaks at work. This week I have been working on a cowl that I started on Saturday at a San Francisco Giants game while waiting for or riding on the bus. I’ve had a lot of great knitting stories told to me by other bus riders, it’s so refreshing!

  7. Cindy S. / June 12, 2014

    In my town there is a group of ladies and gentlemen that meet weekly at a small local restaurant and knit or crochet.

    I will often go to a local coffee shop and knit. So here, it’s always knit in public.

  8. Tonya Wohlever / June 12, 2014

    Me& a group of friends are going to yarn craft together at a picnic we plan on having in beautiful Tappan Square in the middle of the town of Oberlin:)