Cozy Toast Wrap in Capretta

It’s the time of year for shifty, cool weather and I’m definitely bundled up all the time. When I’m knitting I have a blanket over my shoulders, when I go outside there’s always a hat on my noggin, and even when I’m working at my desk I have a scarf (or two!) on.

This time around I knew that I wanted to knit a super cozy cowl that I could wear outside to the market and inside around the office. Something substantial. I spotted the Toast Wrap over on Ravelry and had that little fluttery heart moment when I know I’ve found the perfect project. It’s knit as a tube so there’s a double layer of knit fabric that I can snuggle my chin into and the pattern is a very simple, easy-to-memorize series of color work squares.

But I hit a snag when I was trying to choose a yarn for it. I wanted a fingering weight yarn that would have absolutely no chance of itching but would hold up well over several seasons of hard wearing. I was pondering my options when I spotted a stray ball of Capretta perched next to my keyboard. It’s so soft, springy and has the most wonderful warm tones that I had to pick it up and give it a happy little squeeze which really sealed the deal. Who can say no to Cashmere and Merino Wool? Not this lady.

I picked Cream and Caviar for my palette and cast on. I originally had four balls set aside for this project because the pattern calls for knitting the tube for 25 inches and then grafting the ends together using a provisional cast on. Instead I knit about 13 inches, bound off and sewed the two ends together. That way I only used two balls and got the same effect. 

I love how it turned out! I can imagine how wonderful a pair of socks or mittens would be in the yarn as well. I’ve been wearing my new cowl for a few days now and there isn’t a sign of that subtle itch I get with rougher wool.