Contest Closed – A sock naming contest!

Thank you to everyone who contributed!  To read about who won, click here: We have a name AND an announcement!

Late last week, a package arrived at our office with a beautiful pair of socks and the most adorable letter I’ve read in a long time. 

The letter was from 86 year young Frances FIsher from North Carolina and it read:

“Dear Mr./Mrs.Ms. Knit Picks,

I have enjoyed knitting with your yarns for some time and I am so appreciative of your high quality and excellent prices.  I am enclosing a pair of socks that I have knit from nine different families of yarn.  This is a basic lady sock: size 2 needles, 60 stitches on fingering yarn.  I knit them from leftover yarn from other socks and I really do not know what to call them.  Maybe you can think of something more imaginitive than ‘leftover socks’.  I have knit over 200 pairs of socks and I have found them to be a great connecting piece with people either close by or far away.  Thanks so much.


Frances Fisher”

As Frances mentioned, she used nine different sock yarns.  From toe to cuff, the yarns used were: Stroll – Blue Violet Multi, Stroll – Summer Blooms TonalPalette – Iris Heather, Imagination – Unicorn, Imagination – Ruby Slippers, Stroll – Paisley Multi, Felici – Matador, Stroll – Springtime Tonal, and Stroll – Blue Velvet Tonal.  In honor of Frances’ lovely work, we would like to hold a contest to see who can come up with the best name for these wonderful socks. 

The way it works is this: the person who comes up with the most creative name, wins the socks!  Simply leave us a comment on this blog and we will select the winner by Thursday, April 28th.  Please limit your comments to 5.  In order to win, you must have a US or Canada mailing address.  No purchase necessary.