Coming Full Circle with a free pattern!

Have you seen the awesome sale on Full Circle yarns and fiber? This is your last chance to get it before it’s gone for good!

When it first came in, I snagged some Full Circle Bulky. I love the way the colors worked together, and recently I knit up a super warm, super chunky cowl using 7 colors. It only took me about an evening and a half to make the cowl, and it used up little leftover bits of each color – it’s really a great way to use leftover bits of any bulky weight yarn!

So, I wrote up the pattern for you, and it’s available free from our site. There are also four-color and two-color versions listed in the pattern, with approximate yardages needed for each color. Bulky yarn is so difficult to stash-bust because there really aren’t too many uses for just a teeny bit of really big yarn. But this Checked Cowl is just the ticket to using up what is leftover after you knit yourself a brilliant sweater in Full Circle Bulky! (Come on, you know you want to.)

The double layers and stranded knitting make this cowl super warm, which is just right for those crazy late-season snowstorms that keep sneaking up. Whip up a Checked Cowl or two, and it’ll keep you cozy till the last snow finally melts!


  1. Peggy Stuart / May 1, 2013

    I’m sorry the Full Circle roving is going away! I’ve really been enjoying spinning with it. As you can see, I have a good supply, thanks to the recent sale:*nFMBiP6mC95xiY5vaK2uBdQ7RgW6sTgjpPqOTWaJFX8ALV6y0JznH5Zn*ZuHc*53ivXZ-m9i-Ok1KEHnRvpZN*xxUTrFF0k/IMG_3780.jpg
    Thanks for bringing it our way, even if it’s being discontinued now.

  2. Pat Rosenak / April 22, 2013

    What happened to the Knitpicks podcast? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Did you drop it?