Christmas in July

Wow, it’s been exactly a month since my last staff blog post–oops! Time flies when you’re knitting snowmen. Yep, that’s what I’ve been up to this July. We decided that we wanted a “mascot” of sorts to show up in our holiday catalogs and emails, and the next thing I knew I was knitting wee snowmen with accessories. There are three different snowmen: Lumpy, Rosy & Slim. They each have their own unique shape and outfits and you’ll be seeing them cropping up in September. Of course, we’ll be offering my patterns too so you can make your own as ornaments or toys. I decided to give you a sneak peak of Slim (he’s Frosty’s cousin and the most traditional of the three). I was really pleased at how his felted top hat came out, since I just improvised the pattern on the spot. He looks a little out of place in front of my window with the green trees outside, huh? I’d better keep him in our air conditioned office… <