Chill Zone: Totally 80’s to the Max


Neon Sweater - BelmontBelmont by Gundren Johnson via KnittyBaker on Ravelry

Totally tubular news of the day: Stroll Brights are back AND we’ve added Swish Worsted Brights to the neon party! Kicking off our neon-love inspiration is the KnittyBaker’s Belmont cardigan – we think this is a perfect match for Stroll Bright in Pucker…or how about Highlighter Yellow?

We’ve put together a weekend’s worth of 80’s inspired goodness for you enjoy: free knit and crochet patterns, must-watch movies along with the perfect snacks and drinks as well as a curated Spotify playlist to listen to while you craft.


To Knit:
Pacman Pillow Case (free pattern, Ravelry link)
Space Invaders Tam (free pattern, Ravelry link)


To Crochet:
Hello Kitty Hat (free pattern, Ravelry link)
Amigurumi Ninja Turtles (free pattern, Ravelry link)


To Listen:
Get Your Ne-on! 80’s Inspired Spotify playlist (courtesy of Jenny!)


To Watch:
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Pretty in Pink
Punky Bewster


To Eat:
Baked Homemade Pizza Rolls (….we’re lookin’ at you, Totino’s)
Sloppy Joes
Pudding Pops


To Drink:
Homemade Orange Julius
Grown-up Capri Sun
DIY Slurpee