Chevron Take Two

Our friend Katrina from our sister company Connecting Threads showed off one of her first crochet blankets a month ago – but now she’s back with yet another gorgeous gift!


In my last post about the Large Stripe Chevron Blanket, I mentioned that I had already moved on to chevron blanket #2. Since then, I completed the blanket with a few improvisations. Rather than sticking with one skein per stripe, I switched it up a little and alternated colors after every three rows. This way, I was able to fit each color in three times rather than just the one.


I made this blanket up for my sister-in-law, who typically enjoys a more muted palette. Since this was my second go at this pattern, it went together easily and quickly. Which is important for me this time of year as I’m wrapping up a list of gifts to crochet and time is of the essence!


After doing two projects in a row with Brava Worsted, I’m simply in love. As far as yarn goes, I’m a pretty basic type of gal. Soft and easy to care for are general rules of requirement for me. Brava definitely fits the bill and I can’t help but dream up more and more projects to crochet with it. For now, I’ve got my eye on this wonderful little cat Pusheen, which would work well with Brava too!

You can find the pattern Katrina used for her blankets here: Large Stripe Chevron Blanket

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  1. Rebecca / December 25, 2013

    Can you create a knitted version of this? I love the look.