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Chill Zone: Totally 80’s to the Max

  Belmont by Gundren Johnson via KnittyBaker on Ravelry Totally tubular news of the day: Stroll Brights are back AND we've added Swish Worsted Brights to the neon party! Kicking off our neon-love inspiration is the KnittyBaker's Belmont cardigan - we think this is a perfect match for Stroll Bright in Pucker...or how about Highlighter Yellow? We've put together a weekend's worth of 80's inspired goodness for you enjoy: free knit and crochet patterns, must-watch movies along with the perfect snacks and drinks as well as a curated Spotify playlist to listen to while you craft.

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Chill Zone: Be My Valentine

Heart Pillow by BuddhaLeDread via Ravelry We have just the list to fill your Valentine weekend full of hearts and crafts! I’m definitely planning on making a batch of heart shaped treats, settling down under a cozy blanket and queuing up my two favorite movies about relationships, love and friendship (see below for both picks!). Make sure to unwind from the work week with our custom playlist on Spotify while working ...

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Chill Zone: New York State of Mind

  Do you look forward to the weekend as a time to unwind, "chill", and maybe do some lazy stitching while you listen to a podcast, sip a favorite drink, and eat your favorite snack? We're starting new series called "Chill Zone", where we'll suggest a few good options, inspired by a favorite place, person, or time period. This week, we're starting with New York! So to set up your New York City Chill Zone may we suggest that you:

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