Chill Zone: New York State of Mind


Do you look forward to the weekend as a time to unwind, “chill”, and maybe do some lazy stitching while you listen to a podcast, sip a favorite drink, and eat your favorite snack? We’re starting new series called “Chill Zone”, where we’ll suggest a few good options, inspired by a favorite place, person, or time period. Just click on the words below each header to take you to links we think are fun and interesting.

This week, we’re starting with New York! So to set up your New York City Chill Zone may we suggest that you:


Marc Jacobs’ Cityscape Pullover (Ravelry link)

Little Lady Liberty (Ravelry link) Or get the book for 40% off on our site!


Miss New York Dress (Ravelry link)

Listen to:

This American Life Radio Archives

Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing” podcast

Billy Joel Pandora

Miles Davis Radio

Hot 97 (the best hiphop station ever!) streaming


Homemade New York Soft Pretzels

Or Cronuts! For the more advanced baker


Manhattans (of course)


Mad Men, naturally, to get “style inspired”!

Is there anything else you would suggest for a New York City inspired “Chill Zone”? Leave your suggestion in Comments for all to see!

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  1. Fuego Azul / January 30, 2015

    I like this idea! The mini knitted Empire State Building instantly reminded me of the movie “James & the Giant Peach”. That would be a fun watch if you wanted something more whimsical, lol. Or maybe the remake of “King Kong”! That’s a good, long movie to knit to. Thank you for the inspiration!