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Advanced Cabling Techniques: Multiple Crossing Cables Video

In keeping with the theme of last week's Race to Wrapped, this week's video tutorial continues our exploration of cables! Since we focused on introducing simple cables and twists to new knitters last week, we thought it might be fun to do an entire series that shows off unique and interesting cables for more advanced knitters. Check out part 1 of our Advanced Cabling Techniques video series, which shows you how to create multiple crossing cables! These unique cables have a three dimensional appearance that makes it look as though you are creating interlocking rings.

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Race to Wrapped – How to Cable for Beginners

Fall is officially here in the northwest - there is a chill in the air, the days are getting shorter, and everyone I know is either planning out or already starting on their holiday knitting! In the spirit of getting things done on time and adorning our loving friends and family with cozy knits, I will be posting weekly video techniques that you can use to spruce up gifts and finishing tips that will make your projects extra special. We will also be posting about pattern ideas, quick knits, and our own works in progress as we strive to reach the finish line (on time) in our very own Race to Wrapped! To kick off our Race to Wrapped, I loved the idea of using cables to add texture and interest to projects. And although many beginning knitters shy away from cables because they look too complicated, they are actually quite simple! Cable patterns are almost infinite in their design possibilities, and yes - there are cables that are harder to master then others. But it doesn't take a lot to let a few cables transform a simple hat or scarf into a project with a classic and sophisticated twist. If you have always loved the way cables look, but weren't sure where to start, I think you will find our "How to Cable for Beginners" video very helpful, and hopefully inspire you to give cables a try!

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