Advanced Cabling Techniques: Closed Cables

Over the past month, we have posted all kinds of cabling technique tutorials – everything from a beginner’s guide to cabling to unique and unusual cable textures for more advanced knitters. Not only do cables keep your knitting interesting, but it adds so much classic texture to the finished piece. Cables are also a wonderful way to dress up simple patterns that you might have laying around. By choosing a cable panel that works with your stitch count, you can easily transform your favorite basic hat or scarf pattern into your very own cabled creation.

So to finish off our Advanced Cabling Techniques video series, we saved a very unique cable for last – the closed cable! This is a cable that creates a completely closed ring without pulling in your knitted fabric, unlike many other cables. Check out the video to see how you can create closed cables!

Closed cables add such a unique visual element to any project, and really stand out from other cables you normally come across. Since closed cables allow you to create a ring on top of your fabric, they can be adapted into other designs, shapes, or motifs such hearts, pineapples, snowmen – the sky is the limit, depending on how adventurous you might be feeling!

And if you want to follow along with Kerin or maybe you want to experiment with closed cables a bit more, you can find the closed ring chart used in the video here.

Have you worked with closed cables before? What kind of cables do you like to work with the most?