Call (literally, on the phone) for Submissions!


This Friday is the release of a brand new podcast about practical/impractical craft! Now we would love your contributions for a future episode about Men Who Craft and Those Who Craft for Men.

Are you a man who knits and is proud of it, or do you secretly crochet at night? Have you made something for a man in your life, only to have him not appreciate it? Maybe you’ve knit for your brother, and he wore his item until it had holes, or you swoon over that one male knitter in your crafting circle. Whatever the case, leave us a very quick message on our new podcast phone line, and tell us about it! We want to hear a few sentences about something quirky you know about men, and crafting.

The phone number for podcast messages is 360-334-4847 (sorry no toll-free number is available). You could be on an upcoming podcast! We would love to hear from you.

P.S. Now I’m off to order the book, above :).