Book Sale Round-up: Small Projects

We’re finally approaching days of warmer weather filled with beach visits, time in the backyard, and long car or plane rides. What do you like to knit in Summer? I like smaller projects – things in smaller bags that I can tuck into a beach bag or suitcase. I like to stash bust in warmer months too, so that, come September, I am ready to tackle that Fall sweater or other large project. So today, I’m highlighting 3 books with great small projects that you might want to consider. It’s the last day of book sale! At 40% off, one of these books might just have the perfect patterns to see you through the warmer months of kntting and crochet.


Fans of Jane Richmond will love Island, her collection of 5 unique designs inspired by the spirit of adventure. You’ll find fingerless mitts and hats to see you through days of hiking and cool nights on the beach. You may remember Emily, our Graphic Designer, knitted a mesh scarf from the collection, and loved it! You’ll find great patterns presented in a cool and fashionable way – and it’s a smaller book, easily tucked into your project bag!


Fans of crochet know that Japanese Craft books are a vast and wonderful source of inspiration. Sometimes it’s just so hard to translate them, however! Lacy Crochet is a great book of small projects that would make your home look finished and classy, or provide great gifts for year-round giving! From cutesy corsages to pin cushions and tissue box covers, this book will have you inspired to make thing you never considered before.


Finally, a shout-out to our own Knit Picks Spring Accessories Collection is in order. If you loved our previous accessories collection, Under 100, this book takes things up a notch! The variety of projects is really extensive and if you’ve fallen in love with a KP yarn but aren’t quite sure what projects would work for it, chances are, you’ll find one in here that fits the bill, perfectly! From shawls and scarves to socks you’ll wear throughout the year, check out the patterns in this collection – you get so many patterns for the price!

As I mentioned, today is our last day of book sale. With all titles at 40% off, it’s hard to resist a new title that could inspire you this Summer with smaller projects to tuck into your travel bag. Come Winter, you’ll have so many gifts to give, or if you’re a selfish knitter like me, so many new accessories to wear!