Best Knit Blanket Patterns

Blanket knitting patterns can range from relaxingly simple to wonderfully complex, and you’ll find a mix of both in our list of our best blanket knitting patterns! Modular blankets (aka blankets knit in smaller pieces that are seamed together) keep a bigger project portable, and blankets knit from end to end require no extra organization, so it’s easy to see why both are popular. Stripes, textures, cables, and stranded colorwork blanket patterns all can be found here.

Hue Shift Afghan

by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence, knit in Brava Sport or Mighty Stitch Worsted
Made with simple garter stitch mitered squares and finished off with a darker border, the Hue Shift Afghan is a deceptively simple pattern that explores color in a new and creative way! Blending eleven colors harmoniously in this unique and crafty mitered afghan, you are able to create a modern and visually stunning motif with minimal effort and seaming!

Persian Dreams Throw

by Jenise Hope, knit in Palette
Persian Dreams is a generously sized throw blanket featuring stranded colorwork. It was inspired by Persian rugs and innovative knitting techniques. The end result is a lovely and complex blanket that even non knitters will be amazed at!

Cotton Plaid Throw

by Sherrie Kibler, knit in CotLin
Intarsia knitting and two strands of yarn create this throw’s simulated plaid design, which includes an intermediate marled color. The cotton-blend yarn used in this design creates a throw with the perfect weight and drape for cool mornings on the patio or deck when wool might be too warm.

Cridhe Irish Heartbeat Baby Blanket

by Luise O’Neill, knit in Wool of the Andes
Steeped in tradition, cabled knits provide a link to the past while creating heirlooms for the next generation. Truly a design that spans the generations, a reverse horizontal rib border surrounds the cabled section which in turn frames the central cabled heart motif in this cozy design which can be used as easily for a beloved baby blanket as a lap rug on a chilly wintry night in front of the fire.

Blooming Hexagons

by Dawn Cottone, knit in Twill Fingering
Blooming Hexagons is made up of individually knit hexagons that feature a beautiful blooming flower motif that when seamed together create a stunning flower bouquet.

Summer Throwback Baby Blanket

by Margaret Stauffacher, knit in Snuggle Puff
Summer Throwback is a lightweight beginner-friendly baby blanket that features a bobble edge and fun colorful garter stripes. It is knit flat from one bobble end to the other. The pattern features a full video tutorial which demonstrates the bobble stitch, as well as, how to weave your ends in as you go for each new color stripe so you have fewer ends to weave in once you are finished.

Nevern Throw

by Kath Andrews, knit in Wool of the Andes Superwash
The Great Cross of St Brynach (the Nevern Cross) is a 13-foot tall stone cross in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which dates from the tenth or eleventh century. It is decorated with many Celtic knots and patterns, and the scale and variety of designs are reflected in this large stranded colorwork throw.

Rainflake Throw

by Mary Hull, knit in Swish DK
The Rainflake Throw features a rainbow of hexagons with snowflake-like texture. The modular construction means it’s easy to make blankets of different sizes and color configurations.

Flash Forward Blanket

by Holli Yeoh, knit in Swish Worsted
Pops of color and strong angles transform a simple checkerboard motif into a bold design full of movement. Customize the color scheme and elevate your room décor.

Oasis Baby Blanket

by Alnaar Harnish, knit in Dishie
This gorgeous, rustic style baby blanket is perfect for the warmer months since it is knit with breathable cotton yarn. Created by combining a woven knit stitch and stockinette stitch, this blanket will be sure to impress – whether you are making it as a gift or for your own little one’s nursery.

Love Tangle Blanket

by Marjorie Dussaud, knit in Wool of the Andes
A stitch pattern easily memorized makes the Love Tangle Blanket fun and easy to make. Choose the number of pattern repeats to either make a full sized afghan or a lap blanket that will keep you warm while making your home look stunningly stylish throughout the colder months.

Isn’t It Midnight Throw

by Kalurah Hudson, knit in Brava Worsted
A perfect blanket to cuddle up under to watch midnight movies. this throw features 4 repeats of an oversized 8-stitch cable. The edges and cables are framed by long bands of garter stitch. Yarn is held double for throw and for the tassels, which makes this a fast & satisfying project.