Behind the Scenes: “Burnished”, Fall 2014

In coming months, we hope to show you some behind the scenes footage of our original KnitPicks collections. First up is our Fall Collection, “Burnished“.

We photographed this collection at a horse farm in Washington State where our photographer, Amy, actually keeps her horse! It was such a beautiful evening, and our models, Morgan and Shannon, were amazing. Of course, their clothing was the true highlight. We hope, by watching this video, you can see how the garments and accessories move, drape, and fit. Perhaps you’ll see something you’d like to knit! If you do, all the patterns can be found in Burnished, KnitPicks Fall 2014 Collection. Enjoy!

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  1. Sheree Ervin / August 12, 2014

    What a beautiful place to take shots with!!!! Love the color contrasts and the beautiful knitted pieces. I always love seeing behind the scenes! Thank you!

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