Back to School!

Around here this seems to be the week that students of all ages are heading back to school, much to the relief of some of the moms I know. 🙂

The students at Platte Cove School in Elka Park, New York started classes this week, and I hope the transition from summer to school was slightly less painful when they got to their classrooms and discovered we sent a new pair of knitting needles for each student involved in their charity knitting project. These students spend their quiet time knitting sweaters, hats, and blankets for Project Linus and PET International while their teachers read out loud to them. The knitters range in age from 7-14 and even first and second graders are getting in on the action, knitting squares that are later stitched together to form blankets.

Thanks to Carmen H for sending us this photo of two students with lapfuls of blanket squares they knit over their summer break and the photo above of pullovers that were knit by Platte Cove students. And thanks to the knitters at Platte Cove school for knitting such beautiful projects for those in need! Keep up the good work!!! <