Baby Surprise Sweater Extravaganza

I’ve always loved the concept of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Sweater (Jacket) but it wasn’t until Meg Swansen, Elizabeth’s daughter, made a video that I actually knit one. It is a classic example of Elizabeth’s keen mathematical mind which explains why I needed Meg to hold my hand through each step. Given the creative possibilities for this little gem, I think that the DVD is an excellent investment.
Another “publication” that I have enjoyed for years is Spin-Off Magazine from Interweave Press. It’s unfortunate that more knitters don’t know that this magazine is an excellent knitting magazine. I’ve made many more projects from Spin-Off than Knitter’s. And, not always from my own hand-spun yarn. If you want to broaden your understanding of fiber and knitting, you should pick up one issue of Spin-Off. I guarantee that you will be hooked!!

Why am I yammering along about Meg’s DVD and Spin-Off magazine. Well, the Fall 2008 Issue has a large article on knitting Baby Surprise Jackets from hand-spun. Now remember, you don’t have to use hand-spun. Just take a look at these inspiring photos from Spin-Off. They made me want to sit down and spin and spin and spin. Oh, one more thing. If you belong to Ravelry, there is a Baby Surprise Jacket group that I just joined.