baby steps!

I have a confession to make. I play roller derby. I’ve tried not to let it interfere with my work or knitting, but somehow derby seems to sneak into everything I do. My Ravelry ID is cherry lipsmacker because that’s my roller derby name. But I’d managed to resist the urge to knit roller derby inspired projects. Until now.

When Hard Knox announced she was throwing a baby shower for T’Beatcha Senseless, the first girl in our league to retire because she’s having a baby, I knew exactly what I *needed* to knit.

I adapted this pattern from Ravelry for hockey skate baby booties and used Bare Superwash Merino instead of black yarn to make the roller skate equivalent.
In order to make the skate, I had to:
a. learn how to switch between knitting and purling without creating huge holes (AKA yarnovers). Thanks Tina!
b. learn how to bind off part of my knitting and then reattach the yarn to keep working on the part that wasn’t cast off yet. Thanks Christy!
c. Create yarn overs on purpose!!!
d. Make pom poms. Thanks internet!

I love learning new knitting techniques! It’s like I’m slowly learning how to be a real knitter!

They’re a little big for baby, but he/she will grow into them I suppose. I added little drawstrings in case Beatcha doesn’t want to wait for them to fit.

Surly just announced that she’s 5 weeks pregnant, so when her shower rolls along, I can try again and make a smaller pair. <