Baby boom

Lately it seems like all I’ve knit are baby gifts. Since we launched Comfy this Spring I’ve made two baby sweaters from it, and while I’m sick of baby sweaters, I must say that I still love the yarn!

I knit this Pea Pod Baby Sweater (an Interweave Knits pattern) for a friend’s newborn baby boy in Comfy Honeydew. I couldn’t resist going with the light green of the original pattern. I love the little details of the pattern, like the leaf accents in the edge ribbing, though I suspect that the sleeves are too long for a baby. I started the pattern when I was home sick, which is never a good idea and resulted in several froggings until getting it right. I must say the Comfy held up like a champ.

Most recently, I finally finished a baby sweater for my cousin’s newborn baby girl using Comfy in Fedora, Cashew and Flamingo. My cousin’s nursery colors were chocolate and pink–a combination I happen to love–so I jumped on the chance to go a little girly with this one. I used the Super-Natural Stripes pattern that I found on Ravelry with my own modifications, which included a change in gauge, changing the sleeves from long to short puff sleeves, and adding a snap closure.

The snaps were the biggest headache of the project, and the Comfy held up wonderfully to my repeated washing & reblocking. I was a little worried that the very dark brown of Fedora might bleed into the lighter pink, but none of the colors bled at all. I think the sweater for little Madelyn turned out quite cute, even if it did take longer than expected (don’t all baby knits?).

Last week I learned that my other cousin had her twin baby girls two months early! This time I’m making a baby quilt and only for one of the twins (my mom is making a quilt for the other one that will be mis-matching). Add to that the fact that I’m expecting a baby girl in early February, and you can probably understand that I’m feeling a bit tired of “baby stuff”! Those of you who are moms, did you knit for your baby, or did you rely on handmade gifts from your friends and family? Which baby patterns are your favorite with regards to cuteness, quickness, and practicality? Right now I’m feeling like the only crafting for my baby that I’ll be doing is sewing, since it seems like I’ve already knit every baby pattern out there. BUT I could be persuaded otherwise if something really cute were to come along… <