An IDP Milestone!

As of today we have 250 knitting & crochet patterns in the Independent Designer Program! Our lucky #250? The new adorable pattern by Yvonne Boucher that she created especially for us!

The Knitting Knit Picks Mice! How cute are they! It’s the perfect little pattern for any knitter in your life!

We have a grandma, with her sweet little knitting bag

We have an on-the-go knitter:

And last but not least a “new generation” knitter:

Which includes my favorite little detail – a KP tattoo!

The whole office was delighted when we got these in the mail – Kelley even ran off with all of them! I’ve been a fan of Yvonne’s for quite awhile actually so when she submitted some patterns, I was so excited. Her Puppy Puppets & Anne Doll have been one of our top sellers since they were released so it sounds like quite a few of you love her as well!


It’s been so fantastic working on the IDP program – since December 1st, when we released the first batch of patterns, we have sold 18,000+ patterns – with all of those sales going to our 130+ designers in the program! How cool is that? I love seeing all the unique designs that people have done with our yarn & I’m so excited for the future of this program.


I hope you all are enjoying it as well – I put up new patterns every Thursday so keep checking back!