Aloft Pairings

Aloft, our beloved Kid Mohair and Silk yarn, creates a beautiful, sheer fabric when knit solo, but Aloft is also known for playing well with others! Pairing up Aloft with another denser yarn creates an opaque fabric with a Mohair halo and the strength of silk. It looks so good with so many other yarns, that it can be challenging to choose one, so we’ve put together six swatches with Aloft and other styles of yarn to show just how versatile it can be!

Don’t recognize all of the colors? New shades of Aloft are coming on March 27th, 2024!

Matte Solids and Heathers

Aloft adds softness and dimension to workhorse yarns like Wool of the Andes Sport. Despite being a very close color match, the sheen of the silk core of Aloft creates a heathered look to solids and adds extra dimension when paired with heathers. The halo is visible but subtle when using coordinating colors, and contrasting colors create a soft marl.

Shown with Aloft in Cornmeal paired with Wool of the Andes Sport in Semolina

Shiny Solids

Pairing Aloft with a silk or silk-blend yarn helps to bring out the sheen of Aloft’s silk core and place it center stage. It creates a heather with plenty of shine and a noticeable halo. Because most of Aloft’s color comes from the Mohair fibers, it can be challenging to perfectly match it to yarns without any animal fiber, so there may be more contrast with this pairing, even when aiming for a perfect match. 

Shown in Aloft in Sky paired with Samia in Dayflower

Tonals and Kettle Dyed

Aloft almost vanishes when held double with a matching tonal or kettle dyed yarn but leaves a halo behind. The sheen of the silk core blends in with the varying shades of the paired yarns. When using coordinating colors, the halo works to soften crisp stitch definition and is visible but subtle. Contrasting colors would create a soft marl.

Shown with Aloft in Tarragon paired with Hawthorne DK in Cattail Kettle


Double up the texture by pairing a tweed with Aloft! When using a coordinating color, the sheen of the silk core of Aloft masquerades as more tweed neps, and the Mohair does not obscure the neps, creating a wonderfully fuzzy tweed. Aloft’s halo is subtle but visible.

Shown in Aloft in Denim paired with High Desert Tweed in Raincloud Tweed


When paired with a speckle yarn, Aloft really stands out. This swatch shows a shade of Aloft that matches one of the speckles, and its halo is very visible in contrast with the paired yarn. By choosing a color that matches one of the speckles, it fits well into the color palette and contrasts perfectly with the other speckles and base color. Aloft’s halo is extremely visible, as is the silk core.

Shown in Aloft in Solar Flare paired with Hawthorne Fingering in Panettone Speckle

Multi and Variegated

Similarly to the speckle pairing, matching an Aloft with an existing color in a multicolor or variegated yarn guarantees that it will fit the existing color combination just right! Aloft will stand out on contrasting colors, with the core very visible on sections with the most contrast, like the orange sections of this swatch, and the halo will be very visible. The halo helps soften the transitions between the bright colors and gently subdues bright multicolored yarns.
Shown in Aloft in Iceberg paired with Stroll Hand Painted in Koi Pond

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    Love the photo illustrations; lots of great inspiration here!