Aloft! Oh, just wait until you see what I have in mind!

I love the Belinda Shawl from Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne’s second book, Mason-Dixon Knitting Ourtside the Lines.  It is incredibly simple in design but the result will be so elegant.

When we received our samples of Aloft, we all started thinking about what we would like to knit with the gossamer soft strands of super kid mohair and silk. Watching the two open-work layers of the Belinda shawl move past each other would be mesmorizing but add in the glint of silk and the warm softness of the mohair and I think this will be a delight to knit and wear.

Look at the colors I’ve chosen.

Tarragon was a no brainer since it is the sort of warm green I enjoy wearing. I put several second color options next to it but it wasn’t until I held up the Eggplant that I knew I had found my combination. All I need to do is grab a pair of Harmony needle tips and a 32″ cable. The sharp point will make it easy to work with the fine yarn.