A surprising drop spindle

I’ve come to the realization that drop spindles are becoming my ideal chocolate truffles. No calories and the pleasure lasts MUCH longer! And, there is the challenge of finding the “perfect” spindle truffle. I have discovered some favorites that I will always enjoy but I do like the excitement of finding a new spindle artist.

Last week I could not focus on my To Do list so I went off to Etsy and typed in “drop spindle”. Just like heading off to a Godiva Chocolate shop, Moonstruck Chocolates or even Whole Foods for a quick chocolate fix. I clicked on SpinSanity Spindles and knew I had found a new truffle!!

Meet Shannon Fukuyama’s Ornate Square Top Whorl Spindle. I had several concerns regarding this spindle but I felt that for the price of only $20.00, I would enjoy it as a bit of art. This spindle is amazingly lightweight – not even one ounce. I thought that it wouldn’t spin very long without more heft to it. Wrong! It spins and spins and spins.

There is a surprise that comes along with the light weight. I have absolutely no concerns regarding my spun strand breaking and dropping the spindle. It’s like having a fairy put twist into the fibers with no heavy pull. Magical!!

I find that I am carrying this spindle around the office with me because of the light weight and because the square shape is easy to set down if I need my hands. Yet another benefit of the weight is that my arms don’t get tired. The only change I would make would be to have a Swan’s Neck hook. But, not having one is a minor matter.

We are going to a high school football game tonight and I think I will take along my new spindle. And, the Golding Aromatherapy spindle. These two are turning out to be my favorite spindling treats. <