A delightful evening with the Seattle Knitting Guild!

I was kindly invited to speak to the Seattle knitting guild. My first knitting related public speaking engagement! The topic was the history of Knit Picks and how we plan our products. Deborah, the activity coordinator, called me the day before and asked if I was going to bring along any of my own knit projects. I hadn’t even thought of that!! I give away so much of my knitting that I don’t have much around the house. I did bring along a couple of lace shawls, my finished baby blanket and I wore my Fisherman Knit cardigan.

I had a lovely evening! The high point of the visit was this little surprise!

This is a purse from a lady who works under the name of Rebound Designs. I am so excited about choosing a book to turn into a purse and/or knitting bag.

At the end of the evening, Deborah handed me a lovely thank-you gift bag. Two bars of artisan chocolate and a bag of coffee beans. I don’t have the name for the orange chocolate bar because of the haste with which I ripped off the wrapping as soon as I returned to my hotel room. Hopefully Deborah can add a comment to this entry for everyone’s sake.

The second candy bar was from Theo Chocolates. It’s the Fig, Fennel and Almond Dark Chocolate bar. The coffee came from Caffe Umbria and it is the Bizzarri Blend. That should keep my friends well-caffeinated this weekend while we work on our projects!

All in all, it was such a delightful adventure up in Seattle. Thanks to the Seattle Knitting Guild for making it a pleasant experience. <