A Crochet Rainbow

Over the past oh, three or four years – I’ve tried learning to crochet at least a handful of times. During these past (and failed) attempts, I think I let my familiarity with knitting get the best of me. I can knit with lots of distractions, I can usually fix mistakes I make, I can fairly easily read my stitches – yet ultimately, I now realize these small things were holding me back. Instead of seeing crochet as a new learning adventure, I often became frustrated that I felt as if I was just stitching away without knowing what I was doing.

Then on my last attempt something clicked – vague memories of my initial knitting attempts came into view: projects gone awry, struggles with gauge, dropped stitches, the list goes on. And so now after having readjusted my learning process (and having reasonable expectations), I can (very!) happily report back that I am officially hooked on crochet. Pun intended.

Which is why I now deserve to get myself a rainbow fiesta of crochet hooks, plus 40% off isn’t too bad either!

Amour Crochet Hook Set

When I started to crochet again, I had to acknowledge that there were lots of options for crochet hooks; and having close to zero experience meant I didn’t yet have preferences. After learning to knit and working through many projects, I slowly learned that I like Nickel Plated Needles, working on circular needles and using magic loop.

And the exciting thing is that I sense the same thing now happening with crochet! I’m slowly learning about what works for my crocheting style and what works for me. After testing many different styles, I have to admit that I think the Amour hooks are quite the fit for me.

Amour Crochet Hook Gift Set

What I really like about the Amour hooks is that they feature a metal hook, yet the handle has a soft and comfortable grip. For me, this is important especially on the smaller sized hooks which tend to dig into my fingers a bit. Another plus for this ergonomic handle was apparent for me while stitching up toys and amigurumi – I tend to work these up at a tighter gauge and the wide, grippy handle let me do so comfortable.

Secondly, I really like the slightly tapered throat of the Amour hooks and the it also had just the right amount of pointiness – enough to easily get through the stitches but without constantly worrying that I would split my yarn. And I felt the same about the groove, which was deep enough to easily hook the yarn.

Could the Amour hooks be my personal Goldilocks Principle of the crochet world? I like to think so!

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What do you look for in the quest for the perfect crochet hook?

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  1. Pam Gorman / June 9, 2013

    I learned to crochet as a young child. I could hardly wait for the school week to finish where I could go to my Grandmother’s to work on our latest project together. Then came high school and college and my crocheting seemed to be put in the shelf in the closet. It wasn’t until 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer that crocheting seemed to rescue me. This has definitely been a battle but I am determined to be victorious. Chemo has left me with arthritis in my hands and crocheting was painful. And a dear friend bought me 2 of the Amour Crochet hooks and it was amazing. I am able to crochet without pain. I would encourage anyone who has hand and wrist pain to try these hooks. I am saving and am hoping that I will be able to purchase the entire set. Blessings and good wishes to all.