A Blanket Statement

It’s hard to believe that spring officially starts in just over three weeks. This has been a pretty crazy winter, and at this point, cabin fever is bound to be running rampant. So, to cure those late-winter doldrums, wrap yourself in a warm, colorful blanket!

We have two new blanket kits, each with two colorways. While they are aesthetically different, they are both examples of the cool stuff you can do with plain, simple garter stitch!

The Flare Blanket comes in Red/Brown and Blue/Grey. This blanket is knit in sixteen squares, all with the same patterning but a selection of four different color sequences. Each square is knit in the round from the outside in – meaning it gets faster as you knit each square. Talk about instant gratification! And once the squares are sewn up – that’s it. No fuss, no border, just soft, woolly warmth.

The pattern is inspired by Op-Art and the graphic modern art of the 60’s and 70’s – vintage inspiration with a modern palette!

The Impressionist Afghan is also knit in garter stitch, but this blanket has a simple, knit-on leaf border. The colors shift over the course of the blanket by changing one of the two strands of Palette held throughout. The two colorways, Tranquil and Rich, were inspired by the evocative palettes of Impressionist painters.

The Rich colorway makes me think of Monet’s Houses of Parliament

…While the Tranquil colorway evokes the soothing palette of Sisley’s Small Meadows in Spring.

Either of these blankets are a great cure for the end-of-winter blues. Simple to knit, with enough detail to keep things interesting, and a finished product you will absolutely love to snuggle up with as the last of the snow melts away.