A bit of summer at Christmas

I know it’s a bit strange to think about summer knitting just as winter has begun. But, when I saw the photo samples of these Lantern Moon knitting bags, all I could think was, “Yes! Bags I can use in the summer!”

Have you every noticed that summer purses tend to be small? Or, a bit gaudy? Or, made out of fabric with no support underneath so everything sags into the middle?

You can begin to understand why I love these Lauren bags. The neutral colors mean that I can keep a knitting project in one and not have to worry about moving it to another bag that goes with my outfit. The size is large enough for a decently sized project but small enough to look “light” for summer. I can fold it up to fit in a suitcase for trips. The lining makes these “safe” woven bags because my needles won’t poke out of the sides. The sturdy base means that the bag will stand up nicely on the ground while I eat outside at a restaurant, look at art during our First Thursday art walk or chat with a friend in the park.

You may be holding a mug of hot chocolate in your hands right now, but a Lauren Bag will fill your mind with dreams of summer knitting.