A Bevy of Brava Blankets

There’s nothing quite like a handknit blanket to warm you up on a winter day. And they’re even better when they’re washable! That’s why we have several blanket kits in our super-soft, sturdy acrylic Brava yarn.

It’s hard to go wrong with the Hue Shift afghan! This favorite blanket is available as kits in four colorways: Rainbow, Baby, Jewel, and Decor. It’s a great choice for on-the-go blanket knitting, since it’s worked modularly. The 50″square blanket works great as a couch throw or a picture-perfect picnic blanket.

If you like a little more commitment in a blanket knit, there are the Happy Place afghans. These cheerful, big blankets are worked in simple Intarsia designs depicting an undersea scene and a dense pine forest. At 60×72″, these are the right size for a twin bedspread, or a family-sized throw. Not to mention, they’re super cute!

The best part is that we’ve done the hard part for you – picking colors and putting it all together. Afghans can be expensive projects, but when you buy kits you’ll always get a discount. It’s a win-win.

Kits always make great gifts, too. If you were looking for a last-minute gift for a knitter friend, how about a Brava blanket kit? Washable yarn, cheerful colors, exciting designs – it’s the kind of gift any knitter would love to receive.


  1. nikki / December 2, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your comment! What a great reminder of how enjoyable knitting can be for a whole family.

  2. Laura from beautiful West Michigan / November 25, 2013

    I am making the Baby colorway Hue Shift afghan for my six year old grandson. I made him an oversize baby blanket when he was born that became his all time favorite using Shine in the Sky colorway. The last time we Skyped (he is in Florida, I am in Michigan) he showed me how his feet were sticking out from his “blue blanket” and that he needed a new one. In pink! Grandma compromised and showed him a picture of the Hue Shift and he loved the rainbow. When the yarn arrived, he happened to be at my house. I opened the bag and said, “Here’s the yarn for your new blanket, Kaleb!” He ran over, grabbed the pink skein and ran around waving it and saying, “Pink, pink, pink!” I’m so enjoying making the blanket. Even though it’s garter stitch, the color changes make it really fun!