8 Ways to Wear the 2015 Fair Isle Collection

The middle of winter is often a stark landscape of whites and greys. We like to think of this as simply the perfect blank canvas for loads of color in all forms like fresh pops of color on garments and bright accessories. Nothing lends itself to the expression of color and mesmerizing patterns quite like Fair Isle.

Preview our new collection and get a hefty dose of style inspiration, because we’ve got 8 ways to wear our new Fair Isle collection!


Fair Isle Style It

WEEKEND WHIMSY: You’ve got a date with a good book, a large mug of chai and your knitting project (obviously). Pair this cool mint cardigan with rich shades like goldenrod and plum for a relaxed, yet striking color combo.

Fair Isle Knitting patterns

GREEN WITH ENVY: Soft neutrals create a perfect backdrop to highlight these striking mint and emerald hues. Play up the colorful yoke of this cool cardi with a jewel-embellished collar or try adding a bold statement necklace for a fun twist. Pair it with an emerald skirt and your favorite pair of heels for a winter chic look.



Fair Isle Knitting patterns

BRIGHT IS RIGHT: Bright pops of neon are totally wearable – even by those who lean to the darker side of the color spectrum (…I’m looking at you, all grey wardrobe). Pair greys and blacks with a complementary deeper shade that shines a bit brighter with the help of neon accessories.

Fair Isle Knitting patterns

WELCOME OM: Your yoga class is a requisite part of any week, and your workout gear not only takes you to and from class, but everywhere in between. Let your inner light shine bright with energizing bursts of color – gym shoes, workout top, or a hat and mitts set are all possibilities!



Fair Isle Knitting patterns

PICTURE PERFECT: When wearing a garment that doubles as a work of art, show it off! Pull one or two shades from the pattern and tone them down throughout the rest of your ensemble to create a balanced canvas. Don’t be afraid to use one bright accessory – like a golden yellow belt to frame your outfit.

Fair Isle Knitting patterns

GOING FOR GOLD: Bright colors and bold prints can always use a touch of gold! Layer on bracelets and a modern necklace to complement the geometric patterns at work. If you’re looking to add a bit more color, choose one shade in the pattern and lighten it up a few hues. Don’t forget to add neutral shoes and a bright nail color to complete this winning look.



Fair Isle Knitting patterns

WANDERLUST OR BUST: Exploring new cities, weekend adventures and road trips – anything is possible with this travel-worthy ensemble. A colorful hat and cowl keeps you warm while a comfy and colorful jacket does the heavy lifting. Don’t forget a denim shirt to keep things relaxed while your favorite boots take you from the city to the county with effortless ease.

Fair Isle Knitting patterns

CITY KITTEN: Stay fabulous, no matter the drizzle and downpours as you’re out and about in the city. Pair a colorful hat and cowl with large blocks of color – stick to two complementary shades found in your patterned accessories and you’ll be right as rain! For a fun color-block effect, choose a bright and playful pant color to pull this outfit from dreary to cheery.

To start your own fair isle style, you can find the complete collection here:
2015 Fair Isle Collection printed book
2015 Fair Isle Collection eBook


  1. Colleen Colledge / April 6, 2015

    Where can I find the black oxfords in the 2nd photo? Thanks.

  2. Beverly / January 8, 2015

    Love, love, love this collection and the way you showed styling options!

    In addition to wanting to knit them all, I really want a pair of those black boots shown in photo #3 with the Winter Tudor hat and mitts. Would love it you could identify the brand, and/or where to get a pair of those…please?

    • Emily G / January 8, 2015

      Hi Beverly, Emily here, owner of the boots. They’re from Keen, and quite comfy. I got them in a clothes swap, however, and have no idea if they’re still made. Check their website- maybe you’ll get lucky!

  3. Jenny / January 8, 2015

    I LOVE this idea!! Showing the patterns in wardrobe collections — Excellent!

  4. Heidi / January 8, 2015

    What a great blog post. It’s such a good idea to give styling suggestions for handknits. 🙂 You should do this for each collection!